Meet the Wall at Shore Acres Elementary, Pittsburg, CA


Thanks to the community and all the students, parents, teachers and volunteers who made this mural happen.

Endpapers created for the children’s book Maybe Something Beautiful.

Just back from a remarkable week in Pittsburg, CA creating a community mural with children, parents, teachers and volunteers. Sharing the before/after photos of the project with thanks to everyone who made it possible. A huge shout out to librarian Ginny Golden for her vision organizing this event and for the hospitality of this dynamic, diverse community.

Art is a pathway to everything a young person needs, they can discover life skills and connect to a strong sense of community, meet mentors and go beyond textbooks to discover learning by doing. It grows confidence to overcome challenges, and teaches young people that they have the power to make positive change. Sharing some photos of the art, books, music, dancing and celebration that made it memorable.  It’s all about empowering others and engaging their own unique neighborhoods, bringing people together in an authentic way. When you see the collective energy of a mural you encounter the power of possibility. Murals and public art make a space more welcoming and vibrant, but more importantly they build connections and create conversations that transform. When we finished painting, a student put down her brush and asked When do we get started on the rest of our school because the pinks and purples we put in our mural need to be everywhere. 

The fabulous prep team who helped get the mural ready for kids and the community on Saturday.