Exploring hidden beaches of Northern California

As the year winds down I’ve been thinking about wandering. Last month our family drove up the Northern California coastline discovering secluded beaches, taking in the remarkable power of nature. When my son Santiago found this stretch of sand, he threw off his shoes and socks, crossed an inlet of thigh deep water and started running. I eventually caught up with him when he slowed down, took a deep breath and there was this moment. With his help I connect again to that part of myself and others that really never changes, but sees the world with the wonder of a child.

This December I’m waking up before the sun rises, walking the quiet cobblestone streets of San Miguel de Allende for hours just looking. There is a restlessness that always comes with trying to find direction for a new children’s book. I’m working on two books this Winter so I find my mind jumps from one idea to the next. Still I’ve come to embrace this time, tune my instincts and simply wonder as I wander. I’ve discovered creativity takes discipline as well as listening to those subtle nuances of your own inner voice. In the chaos of modern life you realize the importance of practicing solitude.

A solitary dream. I woke up and painted this Arctic Whale.